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TC-202 Case

The first complete, professional and mobile multimedia workstation


The 100% mobile solution for media streaming

The TC-202 Case system is a unique mobile media workstation that can record and stream for nine hours non-stop. It embeds many open source professional sound recording, editing and streaming softwares, modular audio and video hardware and a full desktop touch interface to broadcast audiovisual contents over IP networks, autonomous, on all terrain.


With it’s specially adapted case, the TC-202 can be used to record and stream all kinds of audiovisual events in various situations : webradio, conferences, training sessions, workshops, djing, concerts, cinema or cultural events. The TC-202 is the perfect solution for recording and streaming media, whether as an easy to use, fixed workstation, or as a mobile streaming unit that can be placed wherever you want.
The Open Source TeleCaster 2.0 software system offers a series of real time encoders that broadcast the audio and video streams via IP networks with a web monitoring interface. The native formats are then obtain in real time. The metadata of media files are also embedded so that indexing and tracability of all media files and streams are optimised and easily managed in real-time.
The media files can be exported, synchronized and published automatically on the local or distant Telemeta servers. They are immediately accessible online for users to download onto their computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) or smartphones (iPhone, Google phone, etc...).

For real time web streaming, all you need is a WiFi, 3G or LAN internet connection and a streaming server (this is optional for recording).

Weighing just under 5 Kg, the TC-202 Case is the most stable, autonomous, open source, and wireless broadcast solution on the market.


Key features


  • Audio recording from the stereo line, microphone or S/DPIF input
  • Video recording from the webcam
  • Real Time broadcasting over IP networks
  • Multi-formats :
    • Audio : WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3, OGG Vorbis
    • Vidéo : H264, WebM, OGG Theora
  • Real time equalization and compression of the audio signals
  • Complete and personalized metadata management of each stream
  • Monitoring and remoting from a simple web page
  • 100% Open Source “Libre” software environment
  • A robust, waterproof, noiseless and modular architecture
  • A remote software maintenance online by our engineers (optional)
  • Dimensions (closed) : 41 x 36 x 11cm
  • Weight : < 5 kg
  • Autonomy : > 9 hours
  • Charging time : < 3 hours

Embedded hardware


  • Case Porta Brace PB 2580 F shock safe and waterproof (customized)
  • Netbook Lenovo S10-3t (touch and rotating 10’ display, keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth)
  • Soundcard M-Audio Fast Track Pro 24 bits @ 96 kHz
  • Cardioid microphone Audio Technica Pro 44 for conferences (other mic / line setup possible)
  • Disk flash SSD OCZ Agility 2 80 Go
  • RAM Corsair 2 Go 667 DDR2
  • 2 x Webcam USB 640x480 pixels
  • Accessible plugs :
    • Stereo inputs : S/PDIF, Line +4 dBu balanced, Mic (phantom 48 V)
    • Stereo outputs : S/PDIF, Line +4 dBu balanced
    • Headphones
    • LAN Ethernet
    • Power (220 V)

Embedded software (100 % Open Source)


  • TeleCaster broadcast manager with a web interface
  • DeeFuzzer streaming player and recorder
  • Telemeta media and metadata server
  • Ardour multitrack “direct to disk” recorder and editor
  • Jamin mastering stereo plugin
  • Rivendell interface for real time web radio management
  • Icecast streaming server
  • JACK real time audio server, input / output management
  • Jack-Rack real time effects in a rack
  • LADSPA plugins effect plugin suite
  • KDE SC 4.5 Netbook complete ‘netbook oriented’ software distribution
  • Linux 2.6.35 patched secure and audio oriented kernel (RT on demand)

Web services (optional)

  • Audio and video streaming public relay (, up to 100 Mbits)
  • Remote user data backups on secure servers (SSH keys required)
  • Automatic media publishing on the Telemeta plateform in our secure cloud
  • Remote software maintenance by Parisson technicians et engineers








3890 € + shipping





4 years extendable on demand




  • To order  the TC-202 Case please fill in the form below and mention the quantity and any other specific requests you might have. We would be very happy to answer any questions you have about our products :
  • You can also make an order by mail :
  • Possible payment :
    • Paypal
    • bank transfer
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